Wednesday, April 3, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Taking the late shift is a good way to get command experience, at least that's the way Harry Kim sees it. Of course (and I can't stress this enough) away missions really, really, REALLY should have experienced people making the decisions.

I mean, when the Doctor finds a talking metal tube that thinks it's a person, is there anyone who DOESN'T think to themselves: "Hey, that might be a bomb."? Especially anyone who's seen Dark Star?

But, no, it's afraid and we're very compassionate people who have never come across dangerous sentient metal things before and, whelp: "seek out new life" as they always say... so they bring the bomb on board and it turns out to be a bomb. Everyone is shocked. Especially when Cray-Cray Kablooie there hacks the EMH program and holds them all hostage, demanding a ride to the planet Salina and an order of fries. Sorry, that's fried planet Salina.

While the Druodans who prematurely fired off Rex Plode the talking bomb would've been giddy about all this a few years ago... there was that pesky armistice and all. Tensions mount as Robert Picardo does acting. Can our heroes talk the "Warhead" down before it drones over and ruins some civilian wedding? And I don't mean ruins it with the Doctor's singing voice.

Say... weren't we going to put some firewalls around the Doctor's brains the LAST time he went crazy? I guess we know how THAT turned out. It turned out FAIL.

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