Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Survival Instinct

*** (3 stars out of 5)
"Survival Instinct" is a well-performed story, mainly told in flashbacks.

Eight years ago, a Borg scout sphere crashed, and there were only 4 survivors. One was 7 of 9.  The others also worked in Unimatrix 01: 2 of 9 the Primary Adjunct, 4 of 9 the Secondary Adjunct, and 3 of 9 the Auxiliary Processor.  (In case you want to find their Playmates Action Figures, which weren't very popular and admittedly, were never made.)

While consuming a delicious roast 8 of 9 they begin to regain their sense of self. Names, backstories, locker combinations... all flooding back. Horror, disgust, and shame at the ruins they have become overwhelms them. Unable to cope with even a few days of freedom and self-determination, Seven forces the others to be good little drones and wait longer for Hive Mommy to pick them up.

Back in the machine, 2,3, and 4 found that Seven's panicked brain jiggery-pokery made them into a super-secret mini-clique inside the collective, and this allowed them the chance to escape together. Of course, now they have to do EVERYTHING together. Unlike handcuffs and implants, this isn't something they can just saw off. But they'd really like to. Would you want to know about it every time two other people had to poop? I wouldn't.

Catching up to Voyager at a bustling truck stop, the Three Best Friends That Anybody Could Have demand that Seven undo her handiwork, even though it will give them mere weeks to live. It might be awkward to pass Wolf 359 victim Marika Wilkarah in the halls for awhile, but maybe they'll be able to bury her on Bajor.

Incidentally, Lansor was the identical cousin of the Romulan Telek R'Mor. Marika was the identical cousin of the Vulcan Sakonna of the Maquis. P'Chan is probably unrelated to the transforming pig of the same name from the cartoon Ranma 1/2. Probably.

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