Friday, April 26, 2013

Live Fast and Prosper

** (2 stars out of 5)
A gang of convention goers has donned ill-fitting wigs and costumes to impersonate Voyager's crew for fun and profit. Mostly profit. Although- the guy playing Tuvok is really throwing himself into the part.

Previously dressed as nuns, Dala and her fellow cons (short, as I indicated, for either con artists or convention attendees) downloaded the Delta Flyer database while spinning a sob story about orphans.
Not 'Orphan Black', (a sob story all its own) but poor little non-existant orphans. So now they have computers jam-packed with advanced tech ideas that could set the local civilizations up among the gods and they're using it for dubious get-rich-quick schemes and besmirching Starfleet's reputation for some reason. I'd say it's like 'Leverage', only they're contemptible and charmless. Except the Tuvok Guy.

But they're not the only ones who can play dress-up. The Doctor can apparently modify his appearance by way of his oh-so-clever holoemitter. And he can make the emitter itself invisible, which would have come in handy when it got stolen so easily earlier this year.  Also, I'm not sure the Doctor should have the ability to turn himself into a girl. Isn't that getting dangerously close to camp comedy? We wouldn't want that. We're very serious-minded around here.

"Live Fast and Prosper" has one joke: Fans Screw Over The Franchise. Since, by this point, it was the franchise milking ME for all my impressionable little mind was worth, I'm not amused. O.K., I'm probably being too hard on this episode, but it's not very good as a comedy, is it? The two stars are really for the guest stars who aren't just phoning it in. Phoning it in, like, say, ME, since I currently AM at a Con with some amazing fans. Yay Calgary Expo 2013!

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