Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dogs of War

***** (5 stars out of 5)
Like many a Star Trek fan before or since, Elim Garak is plotting his revenge in his parent's basement.
Damar and Kira languish alongside him with the war raging in the streets outside. It's not really languishing if you're being waited on hand and foot by Tain's "housekeeper" Mila. I'm saying if Mila isn't Garak's real mother then Alfred isn't Batman's real dad.

Odo, cured but in no mood to be grateful, learns that while the Federation officially poo-poohs the anti-Founder actions of Section 31, the Federation Council itself votes "Genocide" rather than give their enemy the same cure. Way to go, Federation Council. Tack that one up on the wall next to "Created the Maquis" and "Allied with Drug-Dealing Slavers".

Speaking of governments falling to ruin, to hear Quark rant about it, Grand Nagus Zek's reforms have done the same to his. Ferenginar is virtually an equal opportunity democracy these days, and that's only going to get "worse" now that ROM is left in charge. If a man so tender hearted and tender headed is on the throne, then Quark's bar will be 'The Last Outpost' of true Ferengi. The line of pure greed and misogyny "must be drawn He-ya! This fa, no fuhthuh!"

"The Dogs of War"clearly agrees with me: Jeffrey Combs should play EVERY role all the time. Or, at least, Weyoun and Brunt at the same time. Also, the conclusion to the story of Quark's family is perfectly achieved, satisfying in every way. The Nagus is dead. Long live the Nagus.

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