Thursday, April 4, 2013

Extreme Measures

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Let's pretend for a moment that you can get past Odo's crusty exterior and love him anyway. Perhaps a little less than Kira does, but still. Given that, what lengths would you go to to keep that surly shapeshifter from glooping down the drain for good?

Would you defy the law, catch a master spy, and force a cure from his twisted brain with banned Romulan mind sifters? Assuming, of course, that no Vulcan or Betazoid or Lethean or Minaran or Talosian or anyone of several dozen other kinds of legal telepaths couldn't be found or hired to look in there for you for some reason?

If your answer is yes- then congratulations. You just got Section 31 operative Luther Sloan to commit suicide rather than help you. Do you A) give up? B) devise a contraption to hop inside the dreams of a dying madman to find the answer anyway?

If you answered B) I hope you have a best friend like O'Brien to help you.

"Extreme Measures" has it's head and heart in the right place, that is, the "Dreamscape" or "Inception" place. It's a great sci-fi concept to enter and participate in someone's dream. And Julian and Miles get to risk their lives together again for a righteous cause. Maybe they even brought down Section 31 for good, though that's a pretty big maybe. As I say, it's a good concept. It's just unfortunate that the inside of Sloan's head is on such a tight budget.

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