Monday, April 15, 2013

One Small Step

*** (3 stars out of 5)

Oct. 19, 2032- the Ares IV mission to Mars loses Lieutenant John Kelly to a steaming subspace hot pocket. According to the finest science of the time, he was eaten by demons.

Kelly's crew were stranded. It was 12 years too late to meet Don Cheadle there on Mars, and 24 years too early to meet Val Kilmer. Fortunately they were rescued by Harland 'Rocketman' Williams!

It was Lieutenant Kelly who met a tragic end, going quietly mad all alone inside the graviton ellipse. Well, he would have done if he'd had any oxygen. Gone mad, I mean. Still, he died doing what he loved- suffocating while talking about baseball.

Stardate 53292.7- Chakotay remembers a time before he was a prize fighter when he wanted to be a paleontologist. But before we can hear about that, Seven of Nine elbows him out of the way so she can learn something about her humanity. Namely that we love first hand space exploration so much that we don't care what it costs or how many people die. Or something similar but more inspiring? I forget.

Kelly's destination is not surprising from Smallville's Martian Manhunter, but his grandfather Barney Collier might have had the ingenuity to escape that impossible mission. Phil Morris saves "One Small Step" from total mediocrity, but 5 stars? Seriously, Star Trek Magazine?

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