Saturday, April 13, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Fired upon while on a diplomatic mission, Tuvok's brain injuries give him amnesia and remove his emotional suppression. On the bright side, the mentally diminished version of Tuvok visibly enjoys himself. Like an inverted Flowers For Algernon minus the sex and heartbreak. Or like that time Fred Flintstone got conked on the noggin by a bowling ball.

Naroq of the Kesat believes the attack was the work of the invisible Ba'neth, the local Bigfoot myth. Bigtentacle, I guess you could call them. Naroq's the Fox Mulder of the tale, and he's going to help Scully Janeway track down the villain. Break out the tin foil hats and get the net: we're going to catch the Octopussy!

Neelix, meanwhile, decides he is a brain doctor. The smiles he's always longed to bring to Tuvok's face now come easily and frequently, but a broccoli from the Airponics Bay would be more qualified to run the tactical station. So, again like a reverse Charly from Algernon, Neelix trains Tuvok as a baker. All goes well... until Tuvok frosts a cake in the shape of his own cure.

"Riddles" is better than I remembered. It does manage to warm the heart and be a little sad, too. Be tolerant. Be compassionate. Rejoice in your level of ability and cherish your friends. Nuff said.

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