Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Are Cordially Invited

***** (5 stars out of 5)
The station is now the Headquarters of the Ninth Fleet (only six years after it obviously needed a fleet). Martok is named Supreme Commander which sounds a little pretentious for an Allied Fleet title, but just right for a Klingon, so who's counting.

Jake announces he has sold the rights to his first book, but this is merely an expression- as we all know that in Federation society no money has changed hands. Quark is so proud and irritated to hear about this that he offers a round of drinks "on the house"... which is also only a figure of speech.

Worf's marriage is a rushed affair so his son Alexander can be 'sword-bearer' before leaving on his new assignment. Perhaps this explains why Worf's human parents and closest friends from the Enterprise aren't there. (Or he just never invited them. A marriage that celebrates the Klingon hearts whose strength slew the gods may not be recommended for all denominations.)

For Jadzia Dax, joining the House of Martok requires the approval of Lady Sirella. Sirella doesn't remotely approve of aliens. Or Worf. Or Martok, for that matter. She doesn't see her husband very often and she expected him to have perished by now.

"I shall endeavour to die this year if possible," Martok declares amicably. In fact, this episode shows my favorite side of Martok. Henpecked Husband- AND LOVING IT.

Dax has to find a way to grow up a little, or at least drink synthehol instead of the stuff with the free hangovers. Worf needs to find a way to loosen up, or his human friends will surely murder him. Bashir and Sisko I understand, but O'BRIEN should have known that a Klingon bachelor party wasn't going to be any fun. Worf's the guy who has people hit him with sticks for his birthday. During all the sweating, starving, and bleeding, the men give up on a stripper in a cake and just start praying for cake.

"You Are Cordially Invited" to have a great time with this one! After six intense war-torn stories, they give us an intense war-torn comedy instead. Nog's dance at Jadzia's wild party is a highlight of pure gold. And, at long last, after all these decades: PROOF! TOILETS OF THE FUTURE when Odo and Kira repair their strained relationship by hiding in Dax's bathroom all night. Deep Space Nine doesn't get much better, and that's really saying something.

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