Saturday, January 12, 2013

Random Thoughts

* (1 star out of 5)
Too much TV and comics make you violent, kids! I read it someplace. No, I tell a lie. It was probably on TV. Nobody READS when they've got TV. (Also TV makes me lie.)

On the peaceful planet of the Mari, a society of telepaths gets along just fine, unless somebody has an unkind thought in their head. In which case, all hell breaks loose. Beatings for everyone!

Neelix has just met a Mari girl with big melons to squeeze, and she really wants to tug onhis whiskers. Somehow, these are not euphemisms. Unfortunately, before he can make her his newest child bride she is murdered by some random nobody who passed near our resident Klingon.

Torres' excitingly violent thoughts were stolen for Home Distribution in a process sometimes known as Vile Sharing. As the originator of the thoughts, B'Elanna is the condemned criminal here and scheduled for a brain purge. Tuvok works with the uptight lady cop from "The High Ground", AKA B'Etor's identical cousin, to try to prove Torres' innocence. Or something. When the crime is 'Thinks Too Loudly' there's not much wiggle room.

Undercover Tuvok shares some of his own deeply buried nastiness and freaks out the back-alley Illicit Idea dealer. Apparently Tuvok saw the last two Star Trek movies and even Event Horizon! His thoughts contain several scary clips, as many as five! A PG rating at least! I'd half expected to see Dexter Remmick's head explode again in flashback, except it could be hard to justify Tuvok having been there to see it.

"Random Thoughts" is pretty much a re-hash of Voyager's own "Ex Post Facto", only without any of the noir style or charm. And this from a guy who likes B'Elanna to the degree that can earn restraining orders. The story slogs along without surprises or insights and ends on Seven of Nine clucking her so-superior tongue at human folly and Janeway's snappy comeback, as usual, is essentially  'Mommy's tired, so just do what mommy says! Now go back to your cargo room and watch TV.'

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