Saturday, January 26, 2013


** (2 stars out of 5)
While buying the ship a new gun, Seven of Nine and the Holographic Doctor become suspicious of the suspicious weapons dealer. Seven attacks the man, Kovin, for banging into her slightly.

Voyager's Doctor quickly tries to help with his new Psychology For Dummies software. He recovers or possibly gets Seven to dream up a scenario wherein Kovin stole and weaponised her ever-ubiquitous nanoprobe-laden blood, then wiped her memory.

Is the bad guy a bad guy? Is there any recourse? Are we on a witch hunt or acting from righteous indignation? Is there a difference?

When Kovin starts to feel hounded, he runs and then shoots and then all his guns blow up and kill him. Although this makes a compelling argument against using the cannon they bought from him, it answers none of the questions previously posed. Our pair of new humans feel some ill-defined remorse and the ship flies ever onward.

In retrospect, "Retrospect" feels like a good effort and a huge waste of everyone's time. Save only for a rather useful moral: be careful how you act on what you think you remember. Or, if you prefer: save your budget for better stories.

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