Friday, January 18, 2013

Waking Moments

*** (3 stars out of 5)
You got your 'Night Terrors' on my 'Schisms'! You got your 'Schisms' on my 'Night Terrors'! It's 'Nightmare on Voyager Street Part IV:The Sleepening'!

Neelix is boiled in a stew. Tom crashes a shuttle. Janeway fails to save her zombie crew. Harry suffers from the terrible fear that Seven of Nine will give him Borg Kisses (they're like butterfly kisses but with more unwelcome probing). Tuvok has the Naked at Work nightmare.

Speaking of dreams, I've decided this was a missed opportunity for me to see Torres having the Naked at Work nightmare.

And speaking of forgotten uniforms, Torres is suddenly wearing the engineering smock equivalent of Dr. Crusher's Season 4 Lab Coat. It's in the replicator menu under 'Nothing To Hide, Definitely NOT Pregnant'.

A race of perpetually sleeping aliens, tired of being harassed by 'Waking Species' built a machine to force interlopers into a shared dream state and thus take them prisoner. They built a machine, you understand. In their sleep, no doubt?

I don't understand how this unnamed, absurd race was created by the series SCIENCE CONSULTANT.

How do they reproduce?! How do they EAT?  WHO DRESSES THEM?!?

They're lying in ROWS, for Spock's sake! How would that ever HAPPEN?

Of course, if you need a Dream Warrior, you probably can't do better than Chakotay, who uses Lucid Dream technique to save the day when no one else can wake up anymore. If there is something worth three stars here, it's Chakotay. (Although, the audience can't see anything below Tuvok's waist. Maybe I spoke too soon? Are there three stars worth... IN HIS PANTS?!?)

As Janeway says in "Waking Moments", 'Sometimes First Contact is Last Contact.' We can only hope.

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