Friday, January 11, 2013


** (2 stars out of 5)
What a great teaser, though! I forgot which episode this was, the title didn't stand out at all... and then BAM, in beams EVIL Bariel. Crossover!

Kira lets the scoundrel kidnap her with his powerless phaser, then takes him back to her place to check his other weapon. IN HIS PANTS! Of course Kira falls for him: he's mad, bad, dangerous to know, a liar, a thief... and he's dressed like a vicar. What's not to hump... uh, like? If Odo gets to shtup Fluid Floozy then Kira needs a little Sinful Something-Something too!

Somehow the presence of a guy from the Mirror Universe causes no one to go on the alert. Odo, Worf, nobody is looking over their shoulder to see if any power-hungry Alley-Cat Nutcase versions of Major Kira have snuck in on tippy-toe like some sexy Grinch?

Well, of course I mean the murderous Intendant Kira! And of course she did. She's brought in a Ringer, a copy of Bariel Antos to distract local Bumpkin Kira and steal the Orb from the Temple Promenade. It sounds like Mirror Bajor doesn't have any Orbs. The Intendant is convinced that 'The Orb Bearer' will unite the people of Mirror Bajor in a common faith and lead directly into a holy war against the evil Alliance. Isn't she banking rather a lot on a total unknown? What guarantee does she have that this new religion would suddenly catch on? For every Catholic Church there must be hundreds or thousands of Raelians. And who wants Sardaukar legions, anyway? What a hassle!

Dax starts the episode "Resurrection" by trying to get Kira to cast her dating nets a little wider. Maybe a guy with a transparent head or a third eye could have could good qualities, too? (Or even a certain long-term buddy in law enforcement who fits into a jam jar?) But Kira is so conservative she actually knocks boots with a dead ringer for a dead lingerer. Sometimes... you just have to move on.

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