Monday, January 7, 2013

Sacrifice of Angels

***** (5 stars out of 5)
Operation Wipeout is underway, with (if my math is right) about 400 Federation starships destroyed in the Battle to retake Deep Space Nine.

200 ships eventually get through, begging the question: exactly how many starships does the Federation HAVE, anyway? Answer: a lot less now. (Though, of course, some of those were Klingons, winging their way to glory in Sto'Vo'Kor, lucky stiffs.)

Speaking of divine intervention, it must be nice to be on speaking terms with the Almighty. Case in point: Captain Emissary's impassioned speech urging the Prophets to intervene in linear matters and save Bajor. Ever enigmatic, they do so, but they exact a game penalty: "The Sisko is of Bajor, but he will find no rest there."

In return for Sisko's deferred retirement, the entire Alpha Quadrant will not be enslaved... THIS week.

The Petulant Gods have spoken: all the Dominion ships en route through the wormhole vanish, Egyptian-Chariots-in-the-Red-Sea-style.

But there are some small victories without which the station would still have remained in enemy hands. Quark and Ziyal spring Kira and Rom from the hoosegow, and Odo stops linking long enough to save their lives. Well, except Ziyal.

During the Dominion's "Scurrying Away" Maneuvers, panicked Damar kills his boss' daughter and somehow fails to win Dukat's approval. Although this DOES drive Dukat insane. MORE insane. Insaner?

The "Sacrifice of Angels" turns out to be Ziyal. Which is too bad because now Garak will never know why she loved him. Indeed, why DID Ziyal love him? Why, he could be old enough to kill her grandfather!

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