Friday, January 25, 2013

Honor Among Thieves

 *** (3 stars out of 5)

Meanwhile, in Neo Tokyo, humans snort death sticks, Dopterians skulk, and a Steve Buscemi-looking alien called Flith is stealing lunch from a take-out machine.

It's a world with back alleys and pants pockets. What is this, the 22nd Century? No, it's some urban decay called Farius. It's like Finnea Prime but without the charm or proprietary author's rights. Here, Orion Syndicate underling Bilby has a darling picture of his Federation-looking family somewhere that's green. And he talks like a man who's only three days from retirement!

Irish Tinkerer "Connelly" was pulled in by Starfleet Intelligence to befriend Bilby and catch a stool pigeon. Not coincidentally, DS9 is missing their Irish engineer. Huh.

Despite his humanizing geniality and his cuddly cat, Bilby casually kills a fink in front of "Connelly". Should the title be 'Honour Among Murderers'?

"Connelly" helps Bilby & The Scuzzbuckets hack the Bank of Bolius. I've always assumed Bolius is a Federation member. So, what do they have a BANK for? Money, I'm guessing? And if Farius isn't a Federation member (as seems likely), why does the Federation have jurisdiction to put Bilby into their nice, safe prisons? Well, don't think about it very hard. That's what I'm for.

When all is said and done, O'Brien's conscience hurts because his duty got Bilby killed- but on the bright side: free cat!

There's a kajllion stories in the underpants-clad city. "Honor Among Thieves" is one of them.

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