Thursday, January 17, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Sane enough to stand trial on Starbase 625, Dukat is heading there with prosecution witness Captain Sisko. We will never know what the Federation would have decided to do with the Lizard Hitler who made the hover-trains run on time. Eternal POW? Treatment on Elba II or Tantalus V or wherever folks whose cerebellums have sprung leaks end up these days?

I can think of a few million Bajorans who wouldn't mind very hard if the authorities offered him an all-expenses paid trip into a nice warm star. Still, the true secret of the universe is that no one gets everything they want. The crew of starship Honshu for example: mostly died while Dukat and Sisko survive and wind up stranded together on a jolly holiday in a miserable cave.

The Cardassian delivers nourishing soup and savage beatings to his injured foe. Dukat needs the captain to acknowledge his mercy and compassion to the planet Bajor. O.K., so he hates the very sight of them but he improved their world, didn't he? Digging huge holes in it? Watering the soil with the blood of millions? And improving the gene pool by fathering his bastards?

Isn't it unfair to call him an evil monster whose choices cost him his daughter's life? Isn't it really Kira's fault? And Weyoun's? And Damar's? At least those are the ghosts he sees and talks to whenever Sisko isn't offering the right answers to his one-sided conversation.

Watching conversations about and including torture, cruelty, misery and madness are not really my cup of meat. Give me a meaningless meandering lightsaber duel any day of the week! That blathered, "Waltz" is well performed and very eerie, so your experience may vary.

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