Monday, January 21, 2013


 **** (4 stars out of 5)
Letters from home clog the Hirogen Singularity Satellite Service Provider; pissing off the closest thing to 'The Predator' since the Krady Beast. But they're bigger. By half!

Like Gaston from Disney's Beauty & The Beast, Hirogen use antlers in all of their decorating. And skulls, and spleens. They make sure to use every part of the human!

Neelix loves playing mailman. Good News, everyone! Well, some. Tuvok's first son Sek has made him a grandfather.

Kathryn gets her 'Dear John' letter from Mark Johnson. It seems like the only thing they have left together is that he still has her dogs. He got married four months ago (while Janeway was having a Tea Party for the Borg, no doubt.)

Chakotay's missive from his Maquis recruiter Sveta is worse: once thousands of freedom fighters- now a mere handful. As followers of Deep Space Nine will already be aware,  the Dominion killed 'em. Only the lucky ones are making starship license plates in prison! B'Elanna swears to make someone pay... if only she she had a 60,0000 light-year long phaser.

Tuvok and Seven are strapped into bondage gear and daubed with paint. Kinky! Their Hirogen chef/captor hopes that their unusual organs will win him status and dates with large women.

Will the "Hunters" get their fillet of Grampa Tuvok? And is it true that after you de-naturate a Vulcan, you're hungry again an hour later?

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