Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sons and Daughters

*** (3 stars out of 5)

Having dropped off Sisko's Sneaks back to Admiral Ross of Starbase 375, General Martok takes 5 new warriors aboard the Rotarran. Ginger, Skipper, Proffessor, MaryAnn... and Alexander Rozhenko.

Perhaps you remember him? He's a strapping lad. Nearly 9 years old? Ready to enlist in the Ancient and Justified KLF... uh, KDF. Klingon Defence Force, am I right? Rocking to the Rhythm in their Ice Cream Van? Anyway, he's eight. TOPS. And thus he's full-grown. But why in Gre'thor is he trying to be a soldier, asks Worf and everyone ever. "I learned it from you, DAD. O.K.? I learned it from YOU!"

And maybe you remember Ziyal? University lass? Maybe as much as 15 years old? Famed interstellar artist with a Deranged Despot Daddy? They grow up so fast.

A convoy to Donatu V needs Klingon bodyguards, but they're all pretty busy laughing at Alex gagging on gagh.

To hear Worf talk, Norpin (where Scotty had planned to retire) has falcons with astounding reflexes. Is that safe? Centenarians vs powerful birds of prey? I guess "plucked out" is one cure for glaucoma.

Dukat admits leaving Ziyal to die was an "overreaction". But he's making up for it now: by giving his daughter the sexy dresses Kira casts back at him in contempt. What a charmer!

Alexander resents Worf not having tried to contact him in 5 years. Is that Klingon years or Soap Opera years? Or Klingon Soap Opera years? I ask because we saw him not more than 4 Earth years ago, and he and his dad were getting along swimmingly. (Overly dramatic speeches and resentments came with the growth spurts.)

Martok and Worf finally welcome weak but determined Alexander into the House of Martok with some fun-filled bloodletting. (You know, Worf just lit a few candles with Jeremy Aster. Martok must be Klingon Orthodox.)

We HAVE to get these two crazy kids together! Their mixed-race Klingon-Human-Cardassian-Bajoran "Sons and Daughters" would probably reach adulthood in the 3 month gap between seasons! Eat your heart out, Ocampas!

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