Saturday, January 5, 2013

Favor The Bold

 **** (4 stars out of 5)
Morn smuggles plums... sorry, I mean plans. The brown cucumber background dweller brings a secret missive, off the station, to Captain Sisko. The Dominion has finally unjiggered Rom's jiggery-pokery with the wormhole. Starfleet masses to retake Deep Space Nine before all is lost.

To that end, Nog is promoted to Ensign. Take that, SCHOOL! See? Put on a good war and the surviving kids will advance in half the time!

Weyoun was made by the Founders, as you know. Vorta like him have great hearing, and terrible eyesight. They aren't soldiers like the Jem'Hadar, so they didn't NEED good eyesight. If that sounds cold and horrible, Vorta also apparently didn't need a sense of aesthetics. Is there in truth no beauty? Don't ask a Vorta. Neither one matters a plugged chunk of latinum to them.  Says a lot about the Founders in my view. A society with no love of art is nowhere I want to be.

And the Founders' undesirability as galactic elite is further illustrated in their representative and her relationship (and relations) with Odo. She perceives her people as guides to the lesser races. This "guidance" will include breaking the solids of their love of freedom.

Case in point: Rom. Texas isn't the only government willing to execute the mentally incompetent! Ziyal's pleas to her father Dukat to Free the Ferengi fall on deaf ears. And any Vorta who can look Leeta in the pouty face and still flip the switch on her hubby really doesn't have an eye for beauty.

All looks bleak as 600 good guy ships face twice as many oppressors. What, to use the vernacular, will Cosgrove DO?

"Favor The Bold" has some of the best starship fleet effects to date. Of course, it's only the penultimate episode of the arc, and they've saved some for next time. Thankfully, my weak eyes are sufficient to activate my sense of aesthetics when it comes to SPACE LASERS!

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