Monday, June 17, 2013

Vox Sola

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Kreetassans take great offence if you eat in front of them, to the same level as if you took off your pants and did a little dance. Still, humans aren't the only perverts around here. Some Kreetassans I could name should clean their airlocks more often! A sneeze-covered raggedy kleenex crawls off their bowling pin and hides in the walls.

Mayweather knows the way to get Reed to watch 'Wages of Sin', a 1953 French movie: "No, you'll like it. Things blow up!"  (Just as I'll watch anything if you tell me it has a robot or a flying car.)

Film Buff crewman Michael Rostov has apparently never watched a horror movie, because he strolls right up to some goo dripping out of the ceiling and before you can say "Hentai Tentacle Monster" he and four others are having a little enforced mind-meld of their own. Trip, Archer, Kelly and Guy Fleegman (the unlucky security guard with no name) are strung up like sausages in a Room Wide Web and mentally linked.

Thanks to Jon Archer, the being we'll call Paste Pot Pete expands its knowledge of water polo ten thousand fold, but otherwise very little is learned by anyone. When to clench and when to relax, maybe?

Lieutenant Reed has been experimenting with Starfleet's attempts at EM barriers. He's got one that can absorb a phase pistol blast 6 out of 10 times. We like those odds if it keeps everyone else from getting slimed.

Travis' ability to feign sincerity, T'Pol's star-math, Phlox's wishy-thinking, and Hoshi's translator program team up to save the day. Gloop is put back where gloop belongs.

"Vox Sola" gets full marks for a fairly unique alien. We never find out how it got lost in the first place, or what it thinks of all this. It's a good bet it won't be putting on a uniform anytime soon, but we're coming out on top if we can keep it out of our pants.

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