Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cold Front

**** (4 stars out of 5)
Suliban Cabal leader Silik has failed the Board of Shadowy Figures trying to ruin the Klingon Empire. They take away his multi-tool laser eyes to ensure his loyalty while messing with Enterprise. Confusingly, he PREVENTS the ship from exploding. Check your scorecard, but I'm still pretty sure he's the bad guy, and a good one, too. Not only is he portrayed by the inestimable John Fleck, he can skydive even if there isn't any sky outside!

Movie night on Enterprise was Night of the Killer Androids- one of 50,000 movies in the database which Travis and Malcolm figure wasn't worth downloading. Watch for a review on Mike's Best Blog Ever sometime this century- as soon as someone makes the doggone thing.

For whatever it's worth, the Catholics, Hindus, and Buddhists are still at it in 2151. So are space religions like the worshippers of the Great Plume of Agasoria. Surly lizard Captain Fraddock was paid to drive their tour bus. Instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh, they bring gifts of clocks, alcohol and Silik in drag.

Taking a moment out from serving Captain Archer's mac and cheese, Lt. Daniels admits he's not in Starfleet at all, but a time-travelling agent trying to undo the damage done by Silik's benefactor. Breaking the Temporal Accords, we're told. Daniels is full of evasions, but his hand-held walk-through-walls device didn't come from the local Walk Through Wal-Mart.

Silik is quick to call Daniels a liar (in the same way Scrubs fans will call him a Tool, a Tool, a Tool Tool Tool). Contrariwise, Daniels has had over 4 months to not poison Archer's food, while Silik does all the shooting. Silik even disintegrates Daniels. Yeah... my money's still on 'Bad Guy'.

I love "Cold Front". It's weird and exciting, and deserved the chance to play out... someday. It's Daniel's unnamed room-mate I'd like to hear from! "So... Daniels was from 900 years in the future, huh? I guess that's why he left a pile of unopened pay stubs, always asked if we had any "replicated panda burgers" and never got any of my jokes."

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