Saturday, June 15, 2013


** (2 stars out of 5)
When a trader tells them of a haunted derelict ship they might scrounge for parts, nobody expected Trip to fall in love with a G-g-g-GHOST!

What's the word for spoiling the big reveal 18 minutes into a 44 minute program? By now I know damn well what "Optronics" means. In this case, I didn't enjoy being clued in way ahead of the main characters. It left me a lot of time to wonder what Trip is actually DOING in the hologram generation room if he doesn't realize what he's fixing.

As with the Xyrillian technology, does it seem reasonable that a guy who's never conceived of such things would be very helpful repairing them? Would you invite a complete stranger to perform brain surgery on you by cryptically hinting that you have 'a plumbing problem', pointing at your skull and handing him a wrench?

Please enjoy this episode of Voyager, with a blonde pixie working in an airponics bay surrounded by holograms. Then again, it's kind of an old Star Trek stew: The Prospero's daughter bit previously borrowed by 'The Cage', Making Your own Holo-friends from 'Shadowplay' (even Odo and Dax are still present: it's Rene Auberjenois in Spots!)

Perhaps as an apology for the weak sauce story, Trip gives his easy come, easy go love interest a protein resequencer so she can have ice cream to remember him by. Ice cream is only around 10% protein. So what do you put INTO a protein resequencer anyway? Expired ham?

Midnight at the "Oasis". Send your camel to bed! Still, anything with Colonel West in it can't be that bad. "I don't want to leave. I am happy here." says our Prospero, and he might as well be expressing my devotion to THIS fantasy series. I loved watching it with my friends back in 2002- it was a very good time for me. It's always sad when things end: the deleted scenes tell me even T'Pol is afraid of going-away parties.

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