Tuesday, June 4, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Not to harp on about this, but remember how those experienced Vulcans never contact worlds without warp drive? Humans, though? NO RULES YET! Caution Schmaution! Cultural contamination and unwed pregnancies for everyone!

With some surgical forehead wrinkles and a so-so universal translator, the crew investigates the pre-industrial world of Akaali which already has its full share of meddling alien douche-bags.

Garos the Malurian is pulling a "Lizards-In-Human-Suits" from V, but he's not here for your guinea pigs. No, he's dumping industrial waste cheaply and buying up antiques. Like a loveable individual lizard-man sized Haliburton!

Will the threat of Vulcan intervention keep them in line? "Just you wait until the Vulcans get home, young lizard-man! THEN we'll see how much fun ruining the environment was!"

Archer smooches the Akaali Apothecary Riann until solutions involving running and shooting present themselves. It's like a little slice of the original series all over again! And speaking of the original series, it's perhaps ironic to note that if these are the same Malurians metioned in 'The Changeling' then they only have about 100 years until they are wiped out by a little industrial accident called Nomad. Karma!

"Civilization" continues a trend of solid, entertaining but not outstanding stories. I enjoy the illusion of freshness, though! We're seeing the FIRST humans to look down at a new world and say- "I got a great big gun here. You want to give me your continent for some beads?" I kid, of course. OUR guys only interfere to restore the locals to freedom and self-determination. And also kissing. What a difference a few centuries makes. Yes, it's a fantasy, but it's a GOOD fantasy.

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