Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dead Stop

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Did you want an episode where the Enterprise pulls into a gas station for a tune-up? Well, you're welcome. Also, uh... it's a haunted gas station! Trust your car to the service with the star-ghosts. We jump to the pump for you...r brain. Braaaaiiins!

Regulan blood worms aid in the healing of Reed's leg from last episode, but once inside a patient they can wander off. (Hopefully this does not require sifting stool that no man has sifted before.)

HAL, uh, The Computer in the station sounds a lot like B'Elanna Torres. If this were 200 years later I'd be looking around for a re-wired missile talking to itself. But instead, we learn where the A.I. from 'Think Tank' worked before he temped for Jason Alexander.

The SP (Suspiciously Perfect) Repair Station's got food replicators which humans sure don't. They'd better start Keeping Up With The Tarkaleans! (You thought I was going to say Cardassians, didn't you?) Plus, the gleaming mecha-oasis has Exocomps. (Dr. Exocomp, if you please, it didn't spend seven years in Robot Medical School to be called MR. Exocomp.)

What's a Captain to do when the full service payment costs them one buff, overly inquisitive black guy? (And you thought 120 cents a litre was steep!)

"Dead Stop" is not as bad as I thought. I groaned- "oh, not this one", but I liked the characters as always. It's spooky with a curious twist. Also, I liked the model of Nomad on Archer's desk. That was a cool element of continuity, something this season isn't exactly known for.

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