Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two Days and Two Nights

*** (3 stars out of 5)
We finally made to to the pleasure planet Risa, but for some reason, only half the crew gets to go down. (So to speak.) And only for two days and nights. Ummm... why? Why not the other half afterward? Can't take FOUR DAYS out of your busy schedule? Somewhere you need to be?

And the doctor's hibernating, so don't get the space herp while he's 80% in Slumberland.

In 2152, instead of bibles, hotels come with 'The Teachings of Surak' translated from the Vulcan by Spock's great-grandpa Skon. (Skon enjoyed a scone now and then.)

Trip apparently brought one Hawaiian shirt for the ride down, and one for the nightclub. (In the future, much as now, this doesn't impress the ladies.) Trip and Malcolm debate the relative merits of "casual encounters" with multiple eyes and indeterminate gonads.

Is Archer's meet-cute Keyla the ancestor of 2368's geneticist Hannah Bates, or the descendant of 1989's android designer Victoria Gray? Or both? Actually, she looks a lot like a Trill. And wasn't Jadzia's mother called Keyla? Well... unless Jadzia's mom was a Tandaran spy, I guess not. She's there to pump Archer... for information. (So to speak.)

Hoshi gets hit on by Ravis from GibberGabberJibberJabberGoobleDeGoop. Anyway, he speaks the "International Language" so Hoshi is the only one who actually gets laid in the end. Unless Porthos did? A gentledog never tells.

When I hear about the 300th wedding anniversary of a couple from Vega Reticuli, it makes me nearly infinitely grateful I'm not in the singles scene anymore. And not just because when the girls who are boys take your clothes off, they probably only want to sell them.

"Two Days and Two Nights" answers my first question in a deleted scene: Enterprise can only AFFORD accommodations for half the crew. They paid in dilithium, but that's still PAYING. So (back then at least) Risa's motto is "All That Is Ours Is Yours-- Cash or Credit?"

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