Friday, June 28, 2013

The Seventh

** (2 stars out of 5)
No, not the Seventh of Ninth,  "The Seventh"! That's what they called this season's seventh episode. And you thought they were out of ideas!

From the opening deadpan: "We've located Menos.", I'm wondering if they mean Manos, The Hands of Fate. And kind of wishing I'd tried to review every episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 instead of every episode of Star Trek, because even when MST3K is terrible, it's funny.

Thirty years ago, hundreds of surgically altered Vulcan spies hid within the corrupt society on planet Agaron to root out evil and avoid talking to their loved ones. Some of them liked living with the English and never came back to Amish country. Menos, for example, got a job smuggling the toxic components of transgenic weapons. Which are probably like metagenic weapons but less meta.

Menos claims total innocence, just minding his own beeswax hauling poisonous spent warp injector casings to feed his family, do-de-do!. T'Pol, logically, runs out to his ship and opens, handles, and licks all the rusty casings to prove he's lying.

It turns out TPol had the 'Fullara' ritual performed to repress her past as a government hit ma'am.

So THAT'S why T'Pol always looks like she's about to bite you or cry or both. She's a killer with traumatically induced amnesia! That old chestnut! "Science Officer" is just a cover like "dealer in spices" or "Sir Hilary Bray" or "Steven Harper". Thankfully, they didn't take T'Pol into their bosom and trust her word on everything science-y. Oh. Wait.

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