Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shockwave, Part II

**** (4 stars out of 5)
My computer has gone on the fritz to the max, probably because of something that hyper-nerd Lt. Daniels screwed up in the 31st Century last season on Enterprise.

The downside of which is, you don't get a ratings-grabbing picture of Hoshi grabbing her bosom. (Which I had for archival purposes.) It's all very hilarious and arousing and must-see, of course, when the crew break free of Suliban lock-down and goes crawling about in conduits losing their clothes and such. As they are wont to do. Tee-hee!

Meanwhile, in the distant future, the one thing that came through a 900 year old apocalypse just fine was Paper DVDs. Uh, books.)

Daniels has Archer hunt down copper to build a time-phone and a still. So they can drunk-dial tortured T'Pol and have her get tortured Malcolm to trick about-to-be-tortured Silik into using some of the gadgets in Daniels' locker to beam Archer home. For some torture! Naw, I'm kidding. Just some regular face kicks in the face.

T'Pol publicly chides her own Ambassador Pointy with recent Vulcan governmental hypocrisy. Archer says something inspiring about getting knocked down and getting back up again, drinking a whisky drink, drinking a cider drink, and how ones' next door neighbour need not cry for me. I tuned him out to leer at Hoshi.

Yay! Lasers! Yay! Boobies! Boo! My busted computer.

"Shockwave, Part II" brings us such classic thoughts as "Time travel is... not fair." and "I don't wanna hear it. Just bring me a shirt." Words to live by as we enter Enterprise: Season 2.

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