Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sleeping Dogs

*** (3 stars out of 5)
What's that, La'siH? Ti'meH's Bird of Prey is trapped down the gravity well?

We'd better pull on our skimpy long johns and go rescue them! Klingons are always demonstrably giddy to be rescued, never take offence, and often buy us muffin baskets for our trouble!

Another botched attempt to help Klingons adds another brick to the wall of resentment. Humans might need to add to the expression "Let sleeping dogs lie" with a further admonition to "Let dying Klingons die." Three times now they've looked weak around you- and they just end up wanting to kill you more!

"Let me help" may be better than "I love you", but a Klingon like officer Bu'kaH doesn't want to hear either. She and her crew have just defeated some Xarantine in combat but succumbed to their victim's poisoned wine.

Klingons of this era don't use escape pods. They've got a lot of something called "photon torpedoes" though. Reed wants to get him some of those to add to his torpedo collection!

Good news! You've saved a Klingon captain whose bloodline includes the guy who nearly blew up the Enterprise-D in 'Heart of Glory' and the guy who shot at Admiral Janeway in 'Endgame'. (Some of Admiral Forrest's many identical cousins of many races.)

"Sleeping Dogs" is brought to you by Fred Dekker, writer of the radical eighties horror movie Night of the Creeps. A story notable in my mind for showing us T'Pol warming up to people, Hoshi getting braver, and that a targ of this era looks less like a pig in a wig and more (as my wife put it) like the horrible beak of a horrible goose.

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