Monday, March 25, 2013

'Til Death Do Us Part

**** (4 stars out of 5)
Kai Winn graciously insists that she receive the burden and prestige of performing the Emissary's marriage. And receives her first Prophetic Vision: or at least, they ACTED like Prophets! All cryptic and not-at-all Pah-Wraith-y. Close enough, right?

Ezri and Worf languish in a Breen cell, eating algae paste out of cans. The Breen interrogate them with a cortical memory probe. Worf overhears Ezri hallucinating that she loves Julian. So that's all it took to get Dax to admit it... brain damage!

The Breen give the odd couple to Weyoun as wedding presents on the eve of their alliance. To hear Worf talk, no one has Seen a Breen and lived to tell of it. (I guess Kira and Dukat averted their eyes for modesty's sake while undressing two Breen guards back in 'Indiscretion'.)

Damar (first among the subjugated Cardassians) drinks himself to sleep, and for symmetry he drinks himself awake, too. He's helped that loony-tunes Dukat get surgery to pass as a Bajoran- the Pah Wraiths have a mission for the mad despot on Deep Space Nine. Posing as a hayseed, Dukat's performance in Pink Face gets him in to see Winn. By hook or by crook, his cover story has all the right buzz words Winn needed to choose him as her spiritual guide. Also, the crook got his hooks into her. I mean in bed. Sex-wise. Avert your eyes now... and bleach your brains for safety.

Ben breaks off his engagement to Kasidy, trying to spare them sorrow and follow the Prophets. But soul searching and the arrival of her non-refundable Terrelian diamond engagement ring means the wedding is back on... no matter what the Prophets say. Sorrow it is!

"'Til Death Do Us Part" apparently had the writers pull the pin on the freakish romance of Evil It Couple "Wukat" a little too early, but it works. Their scenes together are dripping with crazy! Not sure which is cobra and which is mongoose, but some biting is definitely going on.

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