Monday, March 4, 2013

Nothing Human

*** (3 stars out of 5)
When a pinkish leech creature latches onto Torres' chest and tries to drink her dry, it must have seemed familiar to some mothers, but baffles the Doctor.

The EMH has been driving the crew mad with his obsessive and tedious slide-shows now that he's a holo-photography shutterbug. But this hideous refugee from Stephen King's 'The Mist' has Tom mad with worry instead, and the only solution turns out to be a terrible idea.

Because his electronic brain crammed with hundreds of physicians' recorded experiences and a comprehensive Federation medical database are somehow not good enough to figure out how to get an unconvincing rubber mosquito loose, the EMH calls in a consultant. And with no sense of tact whatsoever, it's the Josef Mengele of Cardassia, Dr. Crell Moset. (Wasn't there a Dr. Greg House program in the database? And, if not, why isn't all this knowledge ALREADY part of the Doctor?)

Poor Ensign Tabor gets "tut tut" and "pooh pooh" from the unusually arch and unsympathetic EMH when the Bajoran declares Moset is the asshole who flayed his grandpa alive with nadion radiation. Even Torres would rather not have her life saved by a holographic version of a man who cured thousands from the fostossa virus by infecting hundreds WITH the virus.

Still, Moset is effective, so everyone uses his science anyway and just wrings their hands and feels bad about it afterwards. As you do. If you're alive to moralize, it must have all worked out.

"Nothing Human" is VERY human, and the final credited on-screen contribution from the woman who made Voyager possible, Jeri Taylor. Who is great. O.K., so I don't especially love this story, and Roxanne Dawson is little more than a glorified prop who deserved... I don't know... LINES. Still, it raises good questions about morality or something. Your experience may vary.

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