Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Course: Oblivion

**** (4 stars out of 5)

Here Comes the Bride! Melting away inside!

Janeway finally officiates the marriage of Tom and B'Elanna. Frabjous day! Calloo callay! But, with eerie and ominous background music, the rice thrown in celebration falls in gloops right through the floors... and for once it's not just because Neelix cooked it.

In the sage words of Goofy: 'Sumpin' wrong here!' Everything's getting a little bit runny ever since they put in the super-speedy new warp core with its super-untested radiations. And I don't just mean eggs, noses, and stockings. Everything and everyone is falling apart.

Remember that stupid story last year with the Demon-class planet and the duplicates made of Silver Blood? Yeah... well... this is THEM. The Duplicates. They were copied so well that they made their own ship out of themselves and set sail for Earth before very inconveniently forgetting that they are not human and thus cannot survive things that humans could. (You'd think not being able to breathe oxygen on away missions might have been a clue.)

Pain, however, is not unique to humans. As Copy-tain Janeway says of Copy-kotay: "Duplicate or not, he was real to me..." When B'Elanna melts away, her Tom suffers for real-real. And she's not the last.

"Course: Oblivion" is touchingly tragic. I always feel so sorry for the poor, misguided Silver Blood. That said, it raises some fascinating possibilities for the last 18 stories. It's become entirely possible that some, a few, or ALL of the stories since last year NEVER HAPPENED. At least not to OUR crew. Which do YOU think  were fakes? I vote 'The Disease', 'Gravity', and 'Infinite Regress'. That solves my problems with Harry cheating, Tom urging Tuvok to cheat, and Janeway calling at least one race by their Borg number instead of asking them their name. UNHAPPENED! So... call that a win.

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