Sunday, March 3, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Not only are Kira and Odo a mixed species relationship, they don't have a religion in common, either. Doesn't stop me rooting for them, and gives me hope that love conquers church anyway. Well, we'll see.

Quick as you can say 'Friendly Angel, Come To Me' Dukat turns out to be the leader of the Pah-Wraith Cult. Lady Bajorans get a Free Half-Cardassian Bastard with every new membership!

These mixed nut bags have the best transporters around. They beam Kira across three light years to Empok Nor. Where did they GET this transporter?!? Even the Dominion can't do this, can they? If they could beam from system to system as casually as walking from room to room, wouldn't Earth already be kissing space lizard ass under Empress Changeling the First?

Vedek Fala, Kira's old friend and kidnapper, has joined the cult for all the right reasons: abstinence, poverty, huddling in the dark on the rickety, haunted space hotel Empok Nor. But when Dukat starts to look like a hypocrite, the former dictator passes out the poison pills faster than you can say 'Who wants Kool-Aid?'

"Covenant" is for anyone who's gotta have faith, faith, faith, ahhh. The need for a higher power is built right in to our genes, but use your common sense, too, o.k? Start with the assumption that the higher power is kind and good, work backwards to the notion that You Only Live Once. In conclusion: try and see if you can't be the last one to swallow poison for God...

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