Saturday, March 30, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)

No science fiction for you today! Or, more accurately, the minimum daily allowance of science fiction.

Captain Janeway gets to reminiscing, and the reminiscing causes flashbacks, but the flashbacks do not cause Kid Chaos to emerge from null space or Chakotay to start boxing.

Instead, here's a gentle, meandering tale of Janeway's distant ancestors in the distant year 2000 and how most of what she was told about them is probably wrong or made-up. Instead of a mighty astronaut in a private plane who conquered the moon and built massive erections with her own two hands and clever words Shannon O'Donnell was an ordinary engineer who ran out of gas in Indiana and (shudder) procreated with a crusty old bookstore owner named Henry Janeway. Along the way, Henry teaches Shannon to slow down, and Shannon brushes the cobwebs off Henry. Between the pair of them and his plucky lad Jason, they played an extremely minor part in occupying a Mars colony prototype-slash-giant mall still in place 376 years later.

Still, as Chaoktay reminds her: "She may not have known she had to live up to your expectations."

Also, it could be worse: they could have ended up like Harry's ancestor Jack Kim. In 2210, with a crew asleep in stasis, he made a 6 month trip to Beta Capricus. And in the 6 months slog back to Earth, he probably had lot of time to plan a murder against whoever thought there was a star there. Because there wasn't. You don't want to be the telescope guy who f-ed THAT up.

"11:59" turns the hearts of the children to their fathers, the hearts of the fathers to their children, and no bad thing.

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