Saturday, March 2, 2013

Infinite Regress

** (2 stars out of 5)
Who's that up in the middle of the night to eat a meat cookie? Why, it's Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Constant Sorrow and Ruining It For Everyone.

Before you can say Sybil's Multiple Personality Disorder, the former drone has flipped her wig. She's a suddenly a horny Klingon, a cheerful child, a Vulcan called Lorot, a Ferengi called Torot, and a GoBot called GoBot.

It's all down to a Borg Mental Central Processor called a vinculum. Voyager stumbled across one: it was sabotaged with a virus to bring down the entire Borg fleet. Like a heart transplant gone bad, where the first victim falls dead in the street, coughs up the heart, and then the next person along picks up the bad heart for themselves to eat, gets sick, and so on in such a fashion until everyone has died.

The tormented culprits in this rickety, convoluted plan are ONCE AGAIN known only by their Borg designation. Seriously rude Janeway has stopped asking people what they'd like to be called altogether, and just numbers them for efficiency. For some reason, the Bug Men don't respond well to this.

Curing Seven is everyone's highest priority (except those jerk Bug Men, whatever the hell their problem is, and who cares- they're nearly extinct anyway) so while Janeway picks a fight with them, Tuvok dives right into crazy Seven's booby hatch. No, her head.

"Infinite Regress" ignores the previously established 'fact' that Borg ships DO NOT HAVE CENTRAL PROCESSORS. Also that the same trick DOES NOT WORK TWICE on Borg! Not the actors' fault, but it seems like a weak, tired story. Finally, while I'm kicking a dead horse, I read recently that many in the LGBT community felt let down by Star Trek's ability to ignore them completely in its otherwise all-inclusive, all-tolerant future. Case in point tonight: a woman has to be mentally unbalanced to love bite another woman, plus it's in no way consensual, plus the biter is really a man.

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