Thursday, March 14, 2013


 ** (2 stars out of 5)
Hey, it's a telepathic cloud-shark 2,000 km in diameter. Seven has never seen its like before! We have, of course, but we saw 'One of Our Planets is Missing'.

Everyone falls under the creature's spell and believes that only the best is happening- which is to say they got home to Earth and every terrorist is pardoned and every pie is rapidly cooling on every windowsill.  In the wise words of a member of the Mon Calamari Admiralty: "IT'S A TRAAAP!"

Only Seven is immune, because she's Seven. Also Naomi Wildman because... uh... she wants for nothing? As a half-Ktarian she doesn't have a sense of nostalgia? I really have no idea why Naomi is immune.

Whatever the case, W. Morgan Shepperd has been hunting the monster for forty years since it ate a ship-full of his family and friends. He's not in the mood for cuddling.

Tricksy and vastly intelligent though the beast must surely be, like the devouring amoeba from 'The Immunity Syndrome', it responds poorly to antimatter and spits them back up.  Even though, by crusty old Ahab's tale, it eats ships all the time, antimatter and all. Sooo... I guess... lucky shot?!

"Bliss" does not live up to its name, Mr. Shepperd's fine performance notwithstanding. Great effects on the beast's innards, but a story that seems very, very same-y.

 I'll tell you what Bliss REALLY is. Four years married to a most wonderful woman today! If she turns out to be a Siren on the Rocks or some devouring telepathic pitcher plant... well, eat away, baby, 'cause I couldn't be happier.

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  1. Congrats on the Anniversary Mr. Man! Shame your episode for the day couldn't have been a more exciting one!