Sunday, March 10, 2013

Latent Image

*** (3 stars out of 5)
It really isn't paranoia if they're all out to get you.

The EMH discovers some undeleted photos that show a young lady he doesn't remember. He tries to warn the Captain about a possible Insidious Alien Infiltration of the Pleasant, Innocuous Women. But the Captain merely pats his bald head and promises to deal with it and keeps erasing his memory.

Janeway, apparently drunk or exhausted, back-peddles fiercely in her open-mindedness and says the EMH is more like a replicator than a person. This gives SEVEN OF NINE the opportunity to demonstrate a better sense of civil rights than her Captain!? Or does Janeway just create straw man arguments so Seven can learn and grow?

Either way, the Captain erased a trauma from the Doctor's mind 18 months ago in order to prevent the holographic equivalent of an emotional breakdown.

With the spines of Ensigns Harry Kim and Ahni Jetal disintegrating from an alien weapon, the EMH only had enough time to save one... and all other things being equal he picked the patient he LIKED better. The Doctor is unable to reconcile that choice with his ethics and professionalism, and his mind forms loops of guilt and self-blame.

At some point, I have to stop claiming Star Trek is ripping off Red Dwarf  (the episode where the hologram deals with the pain of erased memories) and admit that "Latent Image" as a concept was probably ripped off from "Clues" the TNG episode that ripped off Red Dwarf. That snarked, it's really well performed and Robert Picardo can do no wrong.

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