Monday, February 4, 2013


** (2 stars out of 5)
Please welcome back for the (second?) time: Kellin of the Ramuran Tracers Guild. No, she's not a tracer as in a comic book inker, she's a tracer like a bounty hunter. Or Braydu Runna!

Oh, I'm very much in favor of space bounty hunters (Don't believe me? I've got a Lego Boba Fett Alarm Clock, son!) but in the case of the Ramurans there's an added wrinkle: they add no wrinkles! To the brain, that is. As soon as a Ramuran is not in the same room with you, you start to forget they ever existed.

Even if, as apparently happened here with Kellin and Chakotay, things got romantic. Whoooo!

An idea swiped not (as I once believed) from Red Dwarf's "Thanks For The Memories" but from Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere".

The First Officer and the Lady Galadriel swap stories and pudding. Ahem.

Perhaps childishly, I was not interested in this doomed romance because all I kept thinking was: 'Hey, waitaminute! I thought Chakotay was in LOVE with Captain Janeway! Isn't that how this works? Isn't that why he wears the funny pajamas and salutes and doesn't mutiny and stuff?'

Before I can bother to invest in the happiness of "Chakellin", they've parted once more. "I knoooow his journey ends never... his STAAAR trek will go on for-ev-errr...  But tell him while he wanders his staaaarry sea ... rememberrr, RE MEM BER MEEEEE!"

"Unforgettable" is, I'm not sorry to say, forgettable. How do you have Virginia Madsen in Kes ears and  keep the chemistry so tepid? A romance with no spark, no energy, no notheen! Good actors, good director (Andrew 'Garak' Robinson, no less) so I have to blame the writers or else my old, cold, shriveled heart that beats but twice per hour and quickens not for mere matters of love...

Although, maybe they had all KINDS of naughty fun! Let's just assume they did.

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