Tuesday, February 5, 2013

His Way

***** (5 stars out of 5)
When he discovers that Dr. Bashir has a self-aware 1960's era Las Vegas lounge singer hologram uniquely gifted in matters of the heart, Odo decides he needs to take some lessons.

Vic Fontaine teaches our Too-Cool Constable to tickle the ivories, unclench his jellied butt, and heat things up with Major Kira.

The slowest romantic burn in Trek history (unless you count Cochrane and the Companion) comes to a pay-off so satisfying that it never occured to me that the actors weren't into it. Nana Visitor felt it made no sense for the characters, while Rene Auberjonois referred to kissing through Odo's latex mask as the ultimate in unsensual.

I was too busy punching the air to notice. I was so happy for those crazy kids! If ODO can find love, it's not out of reach for anybody, baby!

Plus you get Moondoggy! James Darren is a hoot and a half. Great set of pipes on that guy! I really dig the idea of a Love Genie who just pops up out of nowhere, knows the score, and spreads joy and happiness with song.

"His Way" introduces a wonderful recurring character with Vic, though it never explains WHY he is so amazing. Did Bashir's friend Felix once ask the computer for a groovy cat so deep even God couldn't lift him? How did Vic get to be self-aware? How long has he been active? All very pertinent questions, pally, but if you've got time to ask them, you've got time to kiss dames instead.

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