Tuesday, February 19, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Dax continues to ignore Trill tradition by re-associating with all Jadzia's old chums. I wonder how often anyone can enforce re-association taboos? Do the Trill cops hand out the equivalent of parking tickets? Fraternization Violations? Smooching Citations? If they do, Dax's closets must be stuffed with them.

Although Worf coldly dismisses Ezri, he cock-blocks Quark and Bashir when he notices those vultures are circling. Also, Sisko Sr. tells Jake that May-December romances don't work... especially May 2018 and December 2355. Morn is the only one NOT making a pass at Ezri... not yet, anyway.

Ezri Dax has to find herself again: possibly by proving she is a good psychologist and not merely a space-sick girl. Meanwhile, Garak must overcome his crippling claustrophobia which grows worse for some strange reason every time he leaks vital Cardassian secrets to Starfleet Intelligence.

After only a few moments together, Garak and Ezri are falling down choking and barfing all over each other until they die.

Ah, who am I kidding! Shrink with multiple personalities makes good! Irreparably insane Reptile Traitor makes peace with his choices or something! Quark gets a feather stuck in his ear, and not by "falling on it"!

"Afterimage" brings us all up to speed with our twitchy new Dax. Whether she's pitiable or crush-worthy is up to the individual (at the time I thought she was cute as a button!). I found it much easier to adapt to a new Dax than I did to new leads on 'Doctor Who', for instance. But holding her own against a pro like Andrew Robinson proves Nicole de Boer has talent, too. Tune in and see. Same Dax Time, Same Dax Channel!

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