Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Omega Directive

* (1 Omega Molecule out of 5)
Seven of Nine doesn't know everything every Borg knew, but remembers whatever the Borg considered most important, with the irrelevancies strained out like soup.

Even with just the highlights, she is the smartest human being that ever was. Lantern-hanging Harry asks "So what do you need the rest of us for?"

The answer is cold indifference and a giant spotlight on the ongoing problem I have with her character.

Janeway clams up with a super-secret secretty secret of secret secrecy which only starship captains know (and Seven of Nine, who has eaten starship captains to gain their rich, tasty knowledge).

The Omega molecule, complex and harmonious, is worshipped by the Borg. The most I can say about that is the Borg have clearly never assimilated sanity. Who literally worships The God Particle?

Back in the 2270's Federation physicist Ketteract and his colleagues perished and the Lantaru sector was rendered impassable at warp speed. All this... from a single Omega molecule explosion. The Borg lost a lot of drones to their single experience with it 229 years ago. The ore it is made from, boronite, is very rare. But, please, do keep talking about it. Bore on, boronite. Bore on.

Some poor Delta Quadrant bastards just managed to blow up everything in 30,000 kilometers... except ground zero, which seems fine somehow? The explosion melted durable duritanium but left a guy unmelted and chatting away. At ground zero, you understand.

Janeway tasks her people to destroy all the molecules. Seven wants to harness them or pray to them or something.

To make a long, dull story short the galaxy is not destroyed, nobody goes home happy, and nothing happens of any consequence but Janeway and Seven gripe at each other about it anyway.

"The Omega Directive" is plenty of shots of people arguing and looking. It is around 45 minutes long. And I'll never get that back. Twice.

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