Thursday, February 28, 2013


***** (5 stars out of 5)
A couple of guys in parkas beam down to a Class L planet in Takara sector, on the Alpha Quadrant border. It's 2390 and they're still making Hoth jokes because it helps them to keep warm.

It's Kim and Chakotay, last survivors of Voyager, and they've found the wreck after 15 years frozen in a glacier, Captain America Style. (If they really wanted to ram the homage home, they should have brought a Vulcan in a green speedo and ankle wings to thaw it out for them.)

Chakotay is shagging a descendant of Donnie and/or Marie Osmond. Harry appears not have been shagging. So no change there.

They revive the EMH to have someone to be exposited at, play the cabbage, and dig things out of Seven of Nine's brain. No, NOT figuratively. One of her corpse's frozen doodads is a Chronometric Node, why not? Linked up with a stolen Borg Temporal Transmitter, it will send the right message back to the right time, and the whole calamity might unhappen.

Captain Geordi La Forge of Galaxy-class U.S.S. Challenger is hot on the trail of the selfless renegades, but he cannot be persuaded to overlook the Temporal Prime Directive for just one ship. If 150 people don't become Frozen Entrees, then the next thing you know, all of history might change and finally give them better looking uniforms.

Considering this is the third time the ship has been destroyed, the third time Harry has died, the SIXTH time Janeway has died, and the EIGHTH time they have a chance to get home and failed... it still feels pretty fresh and original. O.K., so it's kind of 'Non Sequitur' again. But I loved Non Sequitur and I love

Even now, Voyager is capable of reminding me that I DO love it. Braga, Berman, and Menosky's time travel story is always enjoyable. And the folks at Foundation Imaging put together a starship crash that still holds up beautifully.

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