Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Reckoning

*** (3 stars out of 5)
The Dominion presses deeper into Federation territory. The Romulans are helpfully driving the invaders out of the Benzite System. But the Romulans don't seem to be in any hurry to LEAVE the liberated Benzar. Probably a lot of great seafood take-out on a planet of fish people.

The archeology monks who are unearthing (unbajoring?) the city of B'Hala have discovered a stone that reads "Welcome, Emissary". (They ignored the ones that said "Hello, Sweetie".)

Dax finds some of the translation. 'The time of reckoning is at hand. The Prophets will weep. Their sorrow will consume the Gateway to the Temple." Bashir is skeptical. He figures the rest probably reads. "Go to Quark's. It's happy hour."

Kai Winn wants to stop the unusually bad weather by putting the creepy tablet back. Instead, Sisko shatters it and lets all the ghosts out.

True believers like Kira do whatever their Gods ask: bleed, shoot lightning from their butts, beat up kids, whatevs. Likewise, reasoners like Jake Sisko are easily susceptible to demonic possession and setting lovely fires.  The pah-wraith's flaming Chi strikes against the prophet's Care-Bear Stare, but Winn turns the combat into a disgruntled draw with a dose of chroniton radiation.

All the modestly-budgeted Sturm and Drang might have mattered more if there was any consequence whatsoever or even a motive for the Energy Being Grudge Match. I know, I know. "Good" versus "Evil". Only with identical methods and the same lack of consideration for their puppets and bystanders.

In keeping with her status as a hypocritical church leader, Kai Winn actually invokes SCIENCE to thwart the will of either gods OR demons. What good is "The Reckoning" (or 'The Rapture' for that matter) if it means the end of worldly luxury and power? That... or she just likes pushing buttons and taking all the credit.

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