Friday, February 8, 2013


* (1 cheap imitation star out of 5)
If this episode has one strength (and I'm not willing to concede that) then it's in showing Hary and Tom are still friends. Indeed, it proves that Friendship Is Magic, since nothing else is provided as an explanation for their survival.

On a Class-Y planet that is repeatedly stated to be super-duper deadly, their spacesuits are breached by aliens and they lie unconscious with no air in terminal heat and radiation for hours. Possibly days pass while the crew accepts their poison-breathing, heat-resistant doppelgangers back aboard with no questions asked.

And yet, they lived! Nobody screams "You boys musta been touched by the holy hand of God!" but they don't say "Thankfully, your suits were augmented with stasis fields!" either.

Speaking of crazy nonsense: the whole plot revolves around the ship running out of fuel. They CAN'T lift off unless they find deuterium (literally looking for snowballs in hell) and what they THINK is deuterium turns out to be people. So, they lift off.  WHAAAAT?

What is in the tank? Go home, Voyager, you're drunk.

In retrospect, it makes "Aquiel" looks like the better "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" rip-off.

Maybe the title is "Demon" because Janeway sold her soul to one (off-screen, natch) so the ship could fly with NO FRAKKING FUEL. How hard is it to add a sentence like: "Our new friends found us some deuterium in exchange for the gift of our likenesses and self-awareness. Which we gave them after much soul-searching even though they were more than a little creepy." Still wouldn't be a good story, but it wouldn't be so confoundedly stupid!

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