Saturday, February 23, 2013


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Why, look who's back! It's the Mentally Ill Get-A-Long Gang. Hey, Gang, we saved your ugly cavernous cargo bay and single sheet-less bed. Get comfortable!

Say, what's with the costumes? On your way to a Star Trek convention? Oh, I see, you broke out of the asylum and hijacked a starship by impersonating Starfleet Admirals! Next, we'll play vanish forever into a Section 31 prison...

Thankfully, charges are dropped for some reason. Oh, right, because Starfleet is sweet on Dr. Bashir.

And Dr. Bashir is sweet on mute, catatonic Sarina. Plus, there's a cure for that now. Couple of zaps of light to the brain here and there and Bashir has his very own Pygmalion. Thanks, Weird Science! Although her drab, grey Amish costume could learn a thing or two from Kelly LeBrock Lisa Genie Underpants.

The mutants add a new voice to their chorus, but Sarina no longer finds joy in playing Silent Motionless Cheerleader to the boys plotting to prevent the 60-Trillion-Years-Distant universal heat death. Still, she finds no joy in "Doctor" Julian's creepy come-ons either. Physician Heel!

If "Chrysalis" taught me anything, it's that you shouldn't date someone if you shaped their mind and identity. Actually, it didn't. This is much too obvious a lesson.

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