Monday, July 9, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
Spoiler alert factor 7. There's virtually nothing I can say about this episode that is NOT a spoiler. I am therefore going anyway.

Know this about me: I love Miles O'Brien. He's a great character. Hard worker, genial friend, good husband, some personality flaws, but overall a good egg. Now you get to spend 43 minutes watching him fight and flight with a world that's quietly turned against him. FOR NO RAISIN!

Why is it that everyone's so cagey? His daughter's avoiding his affection. His team won't let him check their work. Sisko keeps sending him away from the secure area for the upcoming Paradan peace talks, and he's talking behind O'Brien's back.

Bashir seems extra nosey about every little detail, while Quark seems fuzzy on the details of his beloved Rules of Acquisition. The computer is also playing its cards close to its computer vest: beyond a certain date it won't let Miles look at any station logs.

To quote the great Goof: "Sumpin Wrong here!"

Keiko has no desire to get frisky, but makes Miles his favourite stew. She won't touch it herself, eating only salad. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE STEW? Miles can't stop stewing over it.

Odo gets back from a trip and quickly sides with increasingly suspicious O'Brien. Normally, Odo is a touch too paranoid, but now he's EXACTLY THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF PARANOID. The shapeshifting lawman is his only hope- until Odo comes back changed after a meeting with Sisko.

Who else has been changed? And why?

"Whispers" is very clever. The mystery is ruined after the first viewing, but the performances are still worth it.

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