Sunday, July 15, 2012

Playing God

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Dax in a towel! There IS a god!

5000 host candidates per year, and only 300 Trill symbionts available. This creates a lot of resentment, a fair amount of disgruntlement, and occasional violent fruit-loops. Initiate Arjin is on the works hard, eats his greens, never has any fun side of the Trill spectrum.

Curzon Dax had a well-deserved reputation for being extra hard on initiates. He was mean to Initiate Jadzia, for example. Since nobody tells us what the guidelines are, it's tough to say whether Curzon was toughening up the candidates or just mean for kicks.

Jadzia Dax plays the outrageous field supervisor. She's overly familiar with Flex Metallo, her "wrestling" partner. She makes it seem as though if Arjin wants a worm, he's going to have to look into a lot of tequila glasses.

Meanwhile, O'Brien is hunting wascaway wabbits, I mean Cardassian voles. My lovely wife Trish wondered whether the vole would make a good cat-copter...

The Trills accidentally drag home some subspace 'seaweed' that turns out to be a baby universe. In the grand tradition of 'Horton Hears a Who' the potential itsy-bitsy civilization(s) within must be protected and returned to safety. Except the Who Village wasn't rapidly expanding.

Kira, whose regular-size civilization will be the first to vanish if they fail, considers simply stepping on these ants.

Odo disagrees. "I don't step on ants, Major. Just because we don't understand a life-form doesn't mean we can destroy it." It's hard to hear him over the slurps of people eating live Klingon food and shovelling heaps of dead voles out the airlocks.

"Playing God" has something important to say.  A vivacious, well-rounded message. But I can't figure out what it is because it started with damp Dax in a skimpy towel.

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