Sunday, July 22, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
For some reason, Alexander's school chum is afraid of Worf. Maybe it was last month when everyone who'd turned into capering monkeys had to hide from him or get eaten...

In any event, Alexander's not exactly a chip off the old block: the kid doesn't even want to kill people when he grows up! Worf's eager that Alexander not miss out on the First Rite of Ascension, which must be accomplished before one's 13th birthday. (Is Worf jumping the gun here? Alexander could only be, at best, SEVEN YEARS OLD.)

Alex does love the festival of Kot'baval on Maranga IV. It's Klingon Disneyland! Along with stylized dance fighting, they sing about Kirok (who brought irrigation to the locals back in 'The Paradise Syndrome')

That night, Worf and son are saved from non-dance fighters by K'mtar, apparently a trusted advisor who has 'become part of the family'. He even has the family forehead!

K'mtar's dubious that the House of Mogh has pinned its future on a boy who knows more about water balloon warfare than actual warfare. And he blames the muggers on the Duras sisters.

CROSSOVER! Riker returns his Quark Vouchers for the location of the sisters. They were claim jumping a Pakled mine, stranding a Dopterian whose "personal code of conduct prohibits sharing".

K'mtar pushes for Alex to go to Klingon school. Alex pushes back owing to Alexander having a brain between his ears which he doesn't want some jerk scooping out with a bat'leth.

When Riker catches the Duras sisters, it seems their knife used against Worf includes a symbol for Lursa's as-yet-unborn son. Which is because K'mtar is really Alexander from 40 years in the future! Given the chance to change the past, he hoped to alter his young destiny or commit retroactive suicide. (Wait, Paradox much?) In his future, Alexander became a peacemaker, leading the House of Mogh away from feuding, and for his trouble, Worf got killed.

Worf tells his son to stay true to what he believes. 'The cause of peace IS a just cause."

"Firstborn" shows us that Alexander grew up to look a lot like his REAL father, Dr. Mora Pol of Bajor. Assuming K'Ehleyr was slumming. I'm kidding! James Sloyan brought top quality to this show no matter what make-up they slapped on him. (Or what story they crib from the Animated Series.)


  1. I can only assume that the years are much shorter on Qo'noS