Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blood Oath

**** (4 stars out of 5)
Today's episode of Deep Space Nine is brought to you by the letter 'K'.

Three Klingons well into their dotage arrive in search of Curzon Dax. They'll be somewhat familiar to long-time viewers: Kor, Koloth, and Kang all matched wits with Captain Kirk over a hundred years ago. As everyone will be quick to point out, their Klingon foreheads grew in at some point. What most people don't notice is that Kor and Koloth aren't wearing their purple vests from their previous on-screen appearances... in the Animated Series. Why does no one raise a stink about that?!

Round about 2290, the triple K's firstborn sons died of a virus engineered by an albino pirate called 'The Albino'. Before you ask, it's the 24th Century, so yes, he IS the only Albino ANYWHERE.  It's not an offensive slur to the differently pigmented NOW, is it?

Curzon and his drinking buddies swore among themselves to cut the heart from this villain and eat it in front of him. But he had an unlisted number, and Kang's wife Mara made him clean the rain gutters instead, and one thing led to another until 80 years went by.

Will Jadzia fulfill Curzon's murderous oath? Will the chauvinistic Klingons permit her to come along if she makes them coffee? Will Sisko give her Starfleet's maximum allowable penalty for running off on a vigilante justice killing spree: a disappointed look?

Fortunately, the weatherman declared it would be a good day to die, because even with Dax's sneaky peeky science trickery Koloth and Kang meet their end just after the 'killer of children'.

(Since Kor is Klingon Orthodox, he sings for the dead instead of howling a warning to the afterlife.)

"Blood Oath" is a treat for fans and rip-snorting action for all. Colicos, Campbell, and Ansara originated the role of Klingons and update themselves well for the latest generation.
Have fun stormin' the castle!

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