Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Collaborator

*** (3 stars out of 5)
Bareil has all the fun. Vedeks see more of the vision-inducing Orbs than a lay Bajoran. He gets to dream of Kira in skin-tight workout clothes playing springball and what-not (speaking of laying Bajorans). Of course, this trip turns bad for the non-celibate monk: it features the grisly hanging corpse of some specter called Prylor Bek.  Maybe Bek was a termite who choked on the splinters?

The Kai election is in two days. Bareil is an option for Space Pope, so too is Vedek Winn. You remember Winn? She preaches the conditional love of the Prophets to good little children. But do the disobedient get coal in their stockings... or a disruptor in the face?

Secretary Kubus Oak from the New Yawk area of Bajor, when recognized, is quickly arrested. He was exiled with the other mooks (surviving Occupational Government AKA Sell-Outs). Kira is not inclined to change that ruling.

Winn is more forgiving since Oak can be tapped for delicious, maple syrup-like blackmail.

In the Kendra Valley Massacre, you'll be delighted to learn, 43 freedom fighters including the son of the last Good Space Pope, Opaka, were, well, massacred. Collaborator Bek confessed to giving their location to the Cardassians in his suicide note. Winn declares Bek was merely the pawn... of Bareil. Da-da-daaaam!

Did Kira's boyfriend do the nasty? So to speak? Odo has learned one thing about humanoids: "In extreme situations even the best of you are capable of doing terrible things." So he's seen 'Dance Moms', then.

Bareil's having visions of kissing on Winn and getting stabbed to death by Kira. Only you can decide which is more horrifying. He withdraws... from the election, that is.

Bariel admits Opaka was "The Collaborator": sold out her son to save a thousand lives. He helped sweep it under the rug. So I hope you like Kai Winn! Speaking of dusty old rugs, check out the official Kai garb. Made from old curtains like the Von Trapp kids' play clothes in 'The Sound of Music'.

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