Tuesday, July 24, 2012


*** (3 stars out of 5)
The Wrath of Bok! Picard's greatest nemesis re-emerges after six years, having paid his debt to society. And apparently paid to have his brain transferred into the body of Gral (last seen in DS9's 'The Nagus').

Bok sends a hologram to taunt Picard with a threat to the life of the son he never knew he had: Jason Vigo. Picard did have a dalliance with Miranda Vigo 24 years ago. Her son by a Starfleeter is living on a hardscrabble world called Camor V.

Bev's DNA test confirms Jason's parentage. Jean-Luc takes him into protective custody and shows off his proud collection of tedious artifacts. Not the best plan: Jason has a criminal record for petty theft. Jason hits on Troi, his golden shadow security lieutenant Sandra Rhodes, and anyone he happens across. We're sure Riker's not the father?

Jason is dying of something genetic. He tells Jean-Luc the tale of his selfless, determined mother Miranda who worked her butt off to educate and feed orphans, until she was killed in the street for her groceries.

15 years to the day after the Battle of Maxia, Bok abducts Jason by subspace transporter over 300 BILLION kilometres away. (Oh, transporters can do that, now. Well, today they can.) Picard risks following with the experimental new process. Seems Bok messed with Jason's DNA to make him pass as a Picard, giving him a deadly disorder to boot. Bok is turned over to the Ferengi authorities again and Crusher cures Jason.

I think we can all assume his real father was Thadiun "The Outrageous" Okona. Or Riker. So what if they were too young? Apparently nobody cares enough to investigate, least of all Jason. In fact, I think his real dad was Jason "The Red Hood" Todd. PROVE ME WRONG, INTERNET!

"Bloodlines" made me notice how much of this final season is devoted to parenthood. And no bad thing: the series is called The Next Generation, after all. Yet a disappointing pattern is emerging: that  these mighty heroes don't make good parents. Just as the Federation apparently fails developing worlds like Camor, Turkana, Bajor and so on, so do starship captains fail their kids, biological or otherwise. So far, anyway. PROVE ME WRONG, STAR TREK!

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