Saturday, July 14, 2012


**** (4 stars out of 5)
Moussaka is waking!

Yes, the Greek food I had for lunch is angry, and planning a vengeful return.

What could be lurking under the accumulated comet dust of the ages? Why, it's the Lost Library of Someplace other than Alexandria. And in Soviet Someplace, LIBRARY READS YOU!

Our starship begins to transmute into Quasi-South American temples and arcane symbols as Mr. Data provides the voices for a cast of mythological misfits. All of them have a beef with something called Masaka. (Apparently, she's hot stuff.)

One minute Data's a devout worshipper, the next a frightened child, and often he's the capering trickster Ihat. (By the way, Apple is due to release the iHat next year. With four cardinal points on its Masaka-Proof brim, all of your multiple personalities will want to wear one!)

Data dons the mask he made in art class and sits on a throne to oversee the final change of his vessel into the Transformer Aztekimus Prime.
Picard uses the improv skills he learned in archeology class to don the mask of the moon man Korganu and coax Musaka down from the sky. (I wish he'd do that now, this is one bloody hot summer for us roasty-toasty Canadians.)

"Masks" is Brent Spiner's show and he's amazing, though I've read how difficult a time he had making sense of multiple roles from an unexplained alien mythos. My favorite is his 'old man by the fire', kind of the D'Arsay alien version of the Chronos archetype. He's still so captivating.

Re-enact the episode with your loved ones HERE! (Click for hilarious comic strip link. Will not transform your couch into a stone Olmec head. Probably.)

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